Pinocchio – December 2022

Who? – Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company

What? – Pinocchio

Where? The Drum – Theatre Royal Plymouth

When? – 24 November 2022 – 14 January 2023

What’s the show about? The story of Pinoccio was told with actors and puppets. This show is about a family who, through a bedtime story, recreate the story of the father’s childhood. Throughout his life, he turns from a wooden puppet to a real boy, which was his childhood dream.

It was the first show I’d seen in Plymouth. It was a nice, big theatre but we were in The Drum which is the smaller one. There was still plenty of space.

What was really good about it? As with Stick Man about a year ago now, the reuse of the table, chairs, wardrobe and the rest of the props and the fact that only three actors played all of the parts was indescribable and inspiring.

I really liked that there were 3 different generations of the same family and I really enjoyed the grandfather when he kept playing the accordion.

It was really funny when they told lies because their noses grew. When they told really big lies the nose grew a lot and when they told silly little lies, the nose just grew a bit. The funny, silly lies were like, ‘the sky is green’ and ‘I’ve had dinner with an elephant.’

What could be better?  I think that it was sometimes hard to tell what tense they were performing in seeing as they switched through them so quickly. I found that a little bit confusing.

What my cousins thinks? 

The musical aspects that ran through the entire performance brought the narrative and storyline to life. It was understandable, fun to watch and join in with, and the energy that came across was infectious. Molly (age 17 and three quarters)

It was really good. Pinocchio was really fun watching. I was excited to watch Pinocchio because Auntie Jess told me about it. I was really wanting to watch Pinocchio’s nose grow. It was phenomenally funny. Annie (age 6 and three quarters)

Star Rating – ❤❤❤❤

Outside Theatre Royal Plymouth before the show

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