Mother Goose

Mother Goose – February 2023

Who? – Ambassador Theatre Group

What? – Mother Goose

Where?  Chichester Festival Theatre

When? – 7 – 11 February 2023

What’s the show about? The show is about a mother called Caroline Goose, her husband Vic and son Jack, who all look after a group of animals including a cricket, a tortoise and a cat.

Then Cilla Quack come along – she’s a goose from Gooseland. She finds her way into the family and she helps them with paying the bills by laying golden eggs. The golden eggs help to pay off the evil energy company and all is going to plan.

However, Mother Goose gets tempted into a life of fame and fortune by Malignia in return for Cilla who is sent back to Gooseland.

Caroline Goose gets everything she ever wanted, but leaves her family and friends behind. Eventually she realises her mistake and tries to right her wrongs. This means she has to go on a mission to Gooseland to save Cilla and win back her family and friends.

What was really good about it? I enjoyed lots of it. The bit that I liked the most was the songs and the way that they were performed. I knew a few of the songs because they were famous songs that just had some of the words changed.

I also enjoyed the funny parts and laughed a lot but then again it’s a panto so I kind of expected some laughs. There were some parts that I didn’t understand but my dad laughed at which I didn’t understand as well. Interval meant ice cream! Yippee!

It was nice that it started at 5pm rather than 7:30pm, so when we got home I wasn’t too tired.

What could be better?  I think that there wasn’t much I didn’t enjoy or think that could be better.

What my dad thinks? Mother Goose is packed full of laughs for everyone. Quite a few were more for the adults but they sailed merrily over the heads of our children, so we all had a great time. The singing, particularly from a few of the ensemble, was very impressive. It was a privilege to see Sir Ian McKellen on stage again, and I hope he didn’t hurt himself too much when he took a tumble.

Star Rating –  🧡💛💚💙💜

Me and my sister after the show

One thought on “Mother Goose”

  1. Once again Tom, you give this production such a good write up that I wish I could come and see it too. It sounds fun. You point out sensible issues too, i.e. that it started at 5.30 so you weren’t too tired by the end. I too hope Sir Ian McKellen soon recovered from his tumble.
    Keep writing Tom!

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