Plymouth Argyle vs Bolton – Tom’s Match Report

This was my first time watching Argyle since December 2019 and I was really looking forward to it.

When we got to Home Park we took our seats and found that we were sat right at the front. Luckily for me, I got to wave a flag on the pitch with some other supporters as the teams came out. This is me having a great time by the pitch.

The Line-Up

Argyle lined up with 3 at the back and were led by captain Joe Edwards who played at wingback. I was looking forward to seeing Villa loanee, Finn Azaz after he’d scored 3 goals in his first 5 games for the Greens.


Galloway Scarr Lonwijk

Edwards (C) Butcher Houghton Mumba

Mayor Azaz


First Half

The first twenty minutes were pretty even, but Bolton had the better chances. We also found out that the Bolton forwards like to dive, I feel that they should have got yellow carded.

The opening goal came from a long ball from Lonwijk that the Bolton defender missed and Niall Ennis latched onto, he put the goalkeeper on his backside and slotted the ball into the left bottom corner.

At Half Time

At half time Neil Warnock came out and was introduced to the crowd. He used to manage Plymouth Argyle.

Second Half

Bolton got much better, taking more chances and pouncing on the Argyle mistakes. Michael Cooper was brilliant between the sticks for Argyle and made a particularly magical save to keep it at 1-0. Diving to his right, Cooper lurched back to his left to tip the ball on to the post.

Ryan Hardie came on to score a great goal and secure the three points and sent the fans wild. Argyle are now up to fifth and are well placed to have a good season in League One and maybe even push for promotion.

Player Ratings

My man of the Match was Michael Cooper because he made great saves to keep Argyle in the lead and was a brilliant player throughout the match. Danny Mayor was great on the ball and calm under pressure while Dan Scarr was solid at the back. Mumba and Ennis were good at creating exciting chances.

Cooper – 9

Galloway – 7 Scarr – 9 Lonwijk – 6

Edwards – 7 Butcher – 8 Houghton – 7 Mumba – 8

Mayor – 9 Azaz – 7

Ennis – 8

Me and my Dad celebrate Ryan Hardie’s goal
The team celebrate Argyle’s second goal right in front of us
Outside Home Park before the match
With my Dad before the game

Crazy For You

Crazy For You – August 2022

Who? Chichester Festival Theatre

What? Crazy For You

Where? Chichester Festival Theatre

When? 11th July – 4th September 2022

What’s the show about? The show starts in New York with Bobby Child whose mum and fiancée, even though they hate each other, want him to be serious about his job at the bank instead of dancing.

Bobby ends up in Deadrock, Nevada to close the theatre, because of his job at the bank, but instantly falls in love with the owner’s daughter, Polly. He tries to trick everyone by changing his look to look like Bela Zangler, the theatre owner and producer back in New York. Then, as Bela Zangler, Bobby tries to put on a show to save the theatre. After an annoying amount of only two people coming (they weren’t even in Deadrock to see the show!) they decided to stop because it was a failure.

Just when all hope seemed lost, the real Bela Zangler walks in and weirdly no one notices him until after about two or three minutes later. Later, Bobby, still dressed up as Bela Zangler, sees the real Bela Zangler having a drink so he joins him. Then they do the same movements at the same time which was very funny.

After a few mix ups, Bobby and Polly eventually end up in the same place at the same time and realise they both love each other. The live happily ever after, probably.

What was really good about it? This was the first big musical I’ve been to see and it was amazing. I really liked the dancing that went along with the singing.

My favourite songs were I Got Rhythm and Slap That Bass. The singing and dancing was all brilliant.

The best scene was when Bobby and Bela danced together while copying each other. It was really clever and really funny.

I liked Charlie Stemp’s acting as well. He’s a really good dancer and I even got to meet him a few weeks before when we were at the theatre, he was very friendly to me and my sister.

It was great that there was an interval because I got an ice cream!

What could be better? I think it would have been even better if I went to a matinee because I was really tired and didn’t go to bed until after 11pm.

What my dad thinks? “Charlie Stemp is really talented. He’s a genuine triple threat, but it’s his dancing that drives the show. He’s an absolute ball of energy. It must be exhausting.

Star Rating – ❤❤❤❤❤

With my family before the show

Talking Taskmaster at Pedagoo Hampshire 22

On 10.9.22 I will be visiting #PedagooHampshire22 at Hayling College.

PedagooHampshire22 is the #teacher5aday inspired event that brings together enthusiastic and energetic practitioners who are keen to share their passion projects. With such a range of great people willing to give up their time for free you can not fail to be inspired and set yourself up for the year ahead.

As well as looking forward to seeing a wide range of interesting and inspiring speakers, I will also be hosting a session myself. My session will involve exploring how and when to use Taskmaster in Education. The main points I will be discussing will be around the following questions.

What is Taskmaster?

Taskmaster is an entertainment show where Greg Davies (the Taskmaster), with the help of his assistant (Alex Horne, also the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians through a series of ludicrous tasks.

“Sublimely silly and funny”
Deborah Ross, The Mail on Sunday

“That something so pointless, so silly, so endlessly daft should exist is just delightful” Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

Why would you use it in school?

By using Taskmaster in school, children develop important life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication, lateral thinking and resilience, while having a lot of fun. It also supports children’s wellbeing because working as a team improves a child’s sense of belonging, and the varied nature of tasks means that it’s not always the same (sporty or academic) children who do well. Everyone has the chance to succeed, get involved and play their part.

“a big part of it involves problem solving, and it’s never boring to teach because every student will find a different solution to every problem. I did a day of Taskmaster challenges a short while ago (music and all!) and they absolutely loved it.”

Secondary Teacher

“I’ve used Taskmaster tasks within Girl Guiding NZ to teach the kids about problem solving and out of the box thinking.”

Guide Leader

“Taskmaster tasks in lessons…are great for getting students to think around questions and be creative with their solutions. Also, just really great fun.”


“They worked in teams and it really boosted their collaboration and problem solving skills.”


A recent Teacher Tapp survey found that 63% of the respondents believed that our education system is not currently equipping young people with 21st century skills. Taskmaster Education aims to do something about that.

When can you use it in school?

  • Transition Days
  • Start/End of term
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Children’s Mental Health Week
  • #SchoolTasking
  • Lesson starters
  • Topic Days
  • Any lesson, any subject

What tasks can you do?

  • From the show – plastic bag, teabag, score from the furthest distance
  • Subject specific – Learn a poem, put 100g worth of things in this bowl,
  • Positive outcome – Read a book to a child from another class, make someone laugh
  • Challenge – Physical – Quick – Extended – Prize

What should you be wary of?

  • Subjective tasks – can be fun, but also harsh
  • Time limits – allow enough time to get good outcomes, but not so much that the focus is lost – be flexible
  • Carefully consider the wording of the tasks – what’s the worst thing that could happen?
  • Consider groupings
  • Think about what you want the children to get out of the experience and tailor your Taskmaster Education experience accordingly

What next?

Get involved with Taskmaster Education (@TaskmasterEdu) / Twitter

Find out more and register an interest in School Tasking (

For more information on #PedagooHampshire22 visit

To get free tickets visit #PedagooHampshire22 Tickets, Sat 10 Sep 2022 at 10:30 | Eventbrite