SIX the musical

SIX – November 2022

Who? – A Kenny Wax, Global Musicians and Lucy Moss production

What?Six the Musical

Where? Chichester Festival Theatre

When? – 22–27 November

What’s the show about? This show is about the six queens under the reign of Henry VIII. It’s more of a concert. Each song tells the story of each queen’s life with the king. The musical is basically a competition for who had the worst life as queen. Eventually, they decide they are all special in their own way.

What was really good about it? I really enjoyed the format of how there was 1 group song, then each queen got to tell their life story as queen through performance, then a big finale. I also liked the dancing with the music, I think they had to practice extremely hard, considering the level of perfection. In fact, I think I loved it all. I didn’t want the show to stop.

What could be better? I’m not sure if there was anything wrong. Maybe that there was no interval meaning no ice cream but that was because of how short it was.

What my dad thinks? It was great. It’s the second time I’ve seen the tour show and I loved it on both occasions. The soundtrack is brilliant and performed impeccably by the musicians and actors. Also, the show has a great message and is packed with historical content.

Star Rating – ❤❤❤❤❤

3 thoughts on “SIX the musical”

  1. Once again Tom your review makes me wish I’d been there as it’s clearly a great production! I know Molly and Bessie both want to see it sometime too.

  2. It was a great show Tom. We’re so pleased we got to watch it with you all. My favourite Queen was Catherine of Aragon.

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