Crafting with Bella

Hi, I’m Bella. I’m 8 years old and I love arts and crafts. On this page I will share some of the things I make. Let me know what you’d like me to have a go at next, in the comments.

Episode 11 – Lolly Stick Frame
Episode 10 – Watercolour Christmas Cards
Episode 9 – Paint Splattered Canvas
Episode 8 – Stained Glass Window Effect Decorations
Episode 7 – Toilet Roll Reindeer at Christmas
Episode 6 – Halloween Special
Episode 5 – Stop Motion Animation
Episode 4 – Finger Painting
Episode 3 – Tie-Dye Effect on Kitchen Towel
Episode 2 – Paper Dolls
Episode 1 – Easter Crafts

Bella’s #shortcover of the brilliant Madison Reyes’ brilliant song #EdgeOfGreat from JulieAndThePhantoms. #music #cover #singing #acousticcover #singer #music #fatheranddaughter #fyp #musiciansoftiktok #foryou @themadisonreyes

♬ original sound – James Blake-Lobb
…and finally…The Edge of Great from Julie and the Phantoms…just for fun