Taskmaster Tasks for School

I have been using Taskmaster in school for a few years now, to great effect. The following is a list of all the tasks I’ve done or heard about. They originate from the TV show, the Taskmaster book, Class Taskmaster, my brain, my colleagues and other teachers who have been enjoying Taskmaster in schools. However, most of the credit must go to the creator of Taskmaster, Alex Horne. If you have any more to add, please tweet me the suggestions and together we can create an extensive list of tasks for children (and teachers) to enjoy all over the world.

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Paint a picture – blindfolded
  3. Take an impressive photograph
  4. Make something big appear small
  5. Make something small appear big
  6. Kick a rugby ball from one end of the field to the other while holding hands. If you let go, you start again
  7. Score a goal from the furthest distance
  8. Work out how long a ball of string is
  9. Cross the playground in the least step
  10. Find all of the playing card hidden around the school
  11. Throw a tea bag into a mug from the furthest distance
  12. Get an egg as high as possible, without breaking it
  13. What is Mr Blake-Lobb’s age in minutes/seconds?
  14. As a team, build the highest tower on the field. You have ten minutes starting from now.
  15. Memorise the Highwayman poem
  16. Set a task for another group
  17. Melt the ice – fastest wins
  18. Draw a flower with your weaker hand
  19. Draw an upside down self-portrait using crayons
  20. Make the most juice from these fruits
  21. Make the best picture, using only this toilet roll.
  22. Unveil a new handshake
  23. Make something spin for the longest period of time
  24. Make the best paper aeroplane. Furthest flight wins.
  25. Score a goal with a shopping bag, each team member must kick the bag at least twice
  26. CONNECTED TASK – Make the shopping bag as heavy as possible in ten minutes. It must then hang, unassisted, for one minute
  27. Make the most impressive throw of something, into something
  28. Do the most brilliant thing on a gym mat
  29. While holding hands, kick a rugby ball from the round house to the year 6 table
  30. Move the pallet as far as possible. You have 3 minutes. Go.
  31. Eat the best picture out of a piece of bread
  32. Guess the number on Mr Blake-Lobb’s left arm (the number had also been written on the cupboard door at the back of the room for 3 days).
  33. Vote for the team you wish to receive 5 points. If you vote for your own team and don’t win, then you will lose 2 points
  34. Write the lowest unique number on a whiteboard
  35. Stand up for 100 seconds
  36. Blindfolded, stack as many objects on top of each other as possible without falling (for at least five seconds)
  37. Bring me someone who was born on the 28th May 2011 (pick the date of birth of someone in your school)
  38. Surprise Mr Allen
  39. Impress Mr Wood
  40. Make Mrs Humphreys say ‘bubbles’. You cannot use the word ‘bubbles’
  41. Make Mrs Rowe laugh out loud. You must not touch her.
  42. As a team, stage a performance of a nursery rhyme
  43. Write and perform a song about this week
  44. Bring in a book to read to a younger child
  45. Tweet a joke to Penguins class, 1st joke wins (Bonus for best joke)
  46. Wear the most unusual hat to school tomorrow
  47. Write the best 10 word story
  48. Make the best Christ-Maths Tree
  49. Make the best flag without using a flag
  50. Decorate your classroom for Christmas
  51. Line things up height order, longest line wins
  52. Make the smallest piece of art
  53. High five the oldest and youngest person, greatest age gap wins
  54. Make the best domino show
  55. Write and perform a tune with E, A and B in it
  56. Create a Remembrance Day tribute
  57. Recreate a famous book cover
  58. Find all of the playing cards hidden around the school
  59. Make the best piece of art using one toilet roll
  60. Make the longest line of things that begin with the first letter of your team/class/school name
  61. Make the biggest circle
  62. Write an epic story in 280 characters or fewer
  63. Create a cartoon character using things found in the classroom
  64. Take a picture of the oldest thing in your school
  65. Make the best snowman
  66. Recreate a famous film scene
  67. Make the biggest splash
  68. Eat the most crackers in a minute
  69. Put the most different things beginning with H, A and T in a hat
  70. Show me a picture of a cow. You cannot draw a picture. You cannot use technology
  71. Balance the biggest thing on your head
  72. Eat the most watermelon
  73. Remove your socks without using your hands – fastest wins
  74. Build a den 2m x 1m x 1m. Driest wins
  75. Create a throne
  76. Fly a flag on the tallest, free-standing flagpole
  77. Write a haiku about a task
  78. Build the tallest card tower in 2 minutes
  79. Balance the heaviest thing on the lightest thing. Greatest difference in weight wins
  80. Find the biggest leaf
  81. Line up in age/height order
  82. Make the best entrance
  83. Disguise yourself/team. Most disguised wins
  84. Hide
  85. Touch the door, fastest wins
  86. Make an A4 piece of paper into the longest piece of paper possible in 2 minutes
  87. List the most 5 letter words as you can
  88. Write a verb for every letter of the alphabet
  89. Make the longest paperchain
  90. Build a kite, longest flight wins
  91. Get a celebrity to Tweet about the school
  92. Make a cool video in reverse
  93. Film a slo-mo stunt
  94. Work out how long a ball of string is without using rulers, tape measures, meter sticks, trundle wheels, or other traditional measuring devices
  95. Identify the items in the sock/pillowcase
  96. Carry a bowl of water around the track. Fastest wins. Bonus point for the most water
  97. Throw as many balls of scrap paper over your shoulder and into the bin as you can. You have 5 throws per team member
  98. Get this egg as far from the starting point as you can in 2 minutes. You may not use your hands
  99. Find Miss Burrows. Quickest time wins. You must stay together as a team and ALL find her. You must walk in the school. Miss Burrows is not in another classroom or behind a security door
  100. Throw the ball to a teammate and they must catch it. Furthest throw wins
  101. Using the iPads, your team must take 5 photos around the school. The Taskmaster will try and identify where the photos were taken. You will score one point for each photo the Taskmaster guesses incorrectly. Photos must not be blurry
  102. How much money is in the tins? Closest wins
  103. Knock the heaviest item off the table from the furthest distance
  104. Compose a tune using the pentatonic scale with at least three instruments
  105. Using only natural things, make a picture of the Taskmaster
  106. Using a strip of toilet paper stuck between two tables, balance the heaviest item
  107. Reveal something surprising from under a blanket
  108. Using two materials, design and build a device to move as much water as possible from one bucket to another
  109. Create a device to time exactly 20 seconds using the equipment provided
  110. Estimate the amount of water up to the line in the large bottle using the equipment provided
  111. Create the best window art using the post-it notes provided
  112. RELAY TASK – Choose the order you will go in. Put on the oven gloves, eat the banana, tie your laces and then pass on the oven gloves to the next person
  113. Identify the items in the sleeping bag
  114. Put as many blue M&M as you can in the other bowl, while wearing boxing gloves. 1 point for each blue M&M, negative points for each non-blue M&M.
  115. Decorate the cake to represent what our school means to you
  116. Draw the school crest from memory
  117. Get the potato in the hole. You cannot touch the grass inside the circle with any part of your body
  118. Score a basket with the ball. You may not touch the ball with your hands
  119. Estimate the weight of the fruit (without the bowl). You may weigh anything EXCEPT the fruit in the bowl
  120. Spot the missing item. Study the tray to 20 seconds. The Taskmaster will then cover the tray and removed an item. The winner is the first to spot the missing item
  121. Get every member of another team to say a mystery word, without using the mystery word yourself
  122. Find the heaviest blue, green and red items. You have 5 minutes
  123. Sort a pack of playing cards into suits – fastest wins
  124. Transfer rice from one saucer to another using chopsticks – most rice wins
  125. Put the cover on the duvet, while holding hands
  126. Transfer dried butter beans from one saucer A to saucer B, while a member of the opposing team is transferring kidney beans from saucer B to saucer A. Use straws to suck the beans to transfer them.

If you do your own Taskmaster activities in school, why not use this video from Alex Horne to introduce it? The password is schooltaskmaster. Enjoy.

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